Tier1-Ent registration within 6 months of the specified date

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to understand the interpretation of the immigration rule which mentioned in the guidance, Tier 1(Entrepreneur) Policy Guidance version 04/2017 - Page 49 , it says:
    Requirement - Directors or members of partnerships

    1. If you are a director of a new or existing UK company, or member of a new or existing UK limited liability partnership you must provide:
      -a printout of a Current Appointment Report, listing you as a director of a company or member of a limited liability partnership. This evidence must show the date of your appointment as a director of a company, or member of a partnership, and the business must have been actively trading at the time of your appointment.
    2. If the date on the Current Appointment Report was more than 8 months after your specified date, we will not award any points for this section.

    I wonder about interpretation of the text “and the business must have been actively trading at the time of your appointment”
    And, what is the 8 months they talk about, in the table 5 they require registration within 6 months of the specified date.

    I registered myself as a director 2 months before I enter the route.
    I started the company on 6/2/2015 and I entered the route on 12/4/2015, I opened a business account on 20/5/2015, I started trading and transactions in the business account on 15/6/2015
    So, there was a gap between incorporation date (same my appointment date) and the trading date because it was a new business, and the gap is within the 6 months of my entry date.

    The company was active in Companies House record, and the company has files its accounts 2015/2016.

    The question is, do I fulfil the requirements? And does the gap between incorporation date and the trading date affect my case.

    Please advise,


  • Immigration Adviser

    I am sorry for the delay in responding to your query. Based on the information provided, please be assured that you will meet the requirements. Actively trading for Home Office purposes simply means that the company must not be "dormant" - so you can rely on the incorporation date, which was before your specified date so you are fully covered.

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