2.20 - 12 months total income.

  • Hi,

    Just a quick question about 3.20: What was your sponsor’s total income (before tax) from salaried employment in the 12
    months prior to the application? (Appendix 2)

    My understanding was that i had to meet the financial requirements over a 6 month period before we apply. I've been back in the UK for less than a year and have been working for 7 months. I had to part with my wife and come here alone to meet the requirements. Sad times. So over the 6 month period i meet the requirements as my salary is about £25,000 year. However as i have only been working for 7 months, the 12 month earning would be less than the £18,500, because the first 5 months i was with my wife, in the Philippines, where we used to live together.

    Does this mean i have to wait until i've earned the £18,500 in total before we can even apply? Or can i put £14,000 in the section 3.20 with the understanding that the requirement is for the 6 month period before sending the application rather than the full 12 months, and i have met that requirement? In which case, why are they even asking about my earnings over the 12 month period, if that's irrelevant to the application? So i'm assuming i need to meet both 12 and 6 month requirements. Is that correct?

    This part seems really confusing and we are terrified of making a mistake that will result in either our family being torn apart or me being exiled from my home country. But at the same time want to apply as soon as we can.

    Hope this makes sense.
    I really do appreciate any help you could offer.

    Kind regards

  • I believe I get 2 confirmation letters (contracts). One from the job, and one from the umbrella company. Ill put the umbrella company and go into detail in the cover letter.

    Thanks again

  • Immigration Adviser

    Good morning @Andie-George

    My initial feeling would be that you are employed by the Umbrella company as they are the ones that pay your wages.

    If you were to get an employer letter to confirm your employment and salary, who would be the ones to provide you with this?

  • Hi, thank again. Really helpful. Just one more question. If I'm a temp worker going through an agency and umbrella company. Who do I put down as my employer? The company I work for, the agency, or the umbrella company that pays me? Technically I'm self employed but understand that as I go through an umbrella rather that my own limited company, I select the saleried pay option. But not sure which of the 3 companies to say is my employer.

    Sorry if that's a weird question.

    I'm going to explain this in the cover letter too but want to make sure I also get it right I. This section.


  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Andie-George

    No problem at all.

    Unfortunately, in this case, if you have not been with the same employer for a 6 month period you would be required to show 12 months earnings and you would not be eligible to be considered under category A of the financial requirement.

    This being the case, if you are unable to meet the financial requirement over a 12 month period, you would need to wait until you have been with your current employer for 6 months before making the application.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I really do appreciate the time in helping me here.

    I will actually be answering no to 3.12 as I changed jobs within this period. I changed companies actually, same job same pay. Just a different employer as the first job was a temporary contract.


  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Andie-George

    Question 3.12 asks if you have been working with the same employer and earning the same amount for a 6 month period.

    From the information you have provided, you will answer yes to this question. If you answer yes, the form tells you to go to question 3.21, so you will not be required to fill in question 3.20.

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