• Hello can you please advise me regarding ILR application
    I came to the Uk when I was 6 and had dependant visa till 2005 when parents split up I overstayed due to parents not submitting visa application, My Mum then applied in 2009 under article 18 and was granted DLR in 2012 and I was a dependant on her application then renewed DLR in 2015 and visa now expires this year April 2018 . Can I still apply with my mum as a dependant with her ILR application (separate form) keeping in mind that I am now 20 years old and at university . I live away from home during term time only , I am not married or working .
    Thank you .

  • @jason Thank you

  • Immigration Adviser


    You can still apply with your mother provided that the circumstances haven't changed and that you are still dependent and not leading an independent life.

  • @jason
    Thank you for your response so is it possible to apply on my own since I have had 6years DLR as I don’t want to mess up my mums application .

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @belakav123

    Due to the fact that you are now over 18, you would need to show that you are still dependent on your mother and not leading an independent life.

    From the information you have provided I can see that although you do live away from home, this is as a student in term time only, further to this, the fact that you are not working means that you would still be dependent on your mother for financial support.

    You would need to evidence this in your ILR application to be deemed as an over 18 dependent.

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