• Good Evening guys,
    It's a hard time for us and we need your help. Yesterday my friend received a refusal for a visitor visa (letter attached). When gathering documents we missed the fact that the letter from a language school was filled in incorrectly and her name was misspelled. This has resulted in a heartbreaking refusal (I'm pulling my hair! :D). Because we can just ask for a correct document from the language school, we' ve decided for her to apply again, as there is still time before the planned journey (her tickets are purchased and her course is already booked). I was wondering, should I re-write my invitation letter as this is technically a different application? Or should I keep it the same? Also, is it a bad idea to apply again? I've been reading some threads and they say that this can be judged as "Eagerness" which can negatively affect all future visa decisions.
    Thank you for reading! Any help would be appreciated.
    Also, here is the link to the letter from the immigration officer with the refusal

    P.S. The country she was applying from was Kazakhstan.

  • Which category of visa was applied by your friend mate?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @comeasyouare11,

    It is possible for your friend to make the application again with the corrected document. You will need to ensure that all evidence is the most up to date when make a fresh application in order to avoid a further refusal.


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