ILR from TIER 2, dependants not due for ILR yet

  • Hi, I am on Tier 2 with my wife and child, I am due for ILR but my wife and child are not due until 1 year later. Our current visas expires a few weeks just after I am due ILR so we need to apply together.

    1. What application category would I use to extend their visas? Is it Tier 2 or ILR dependent? I am confused.
    2. Also which forms would we use?
    3. Would I extend their visas for 1 year or 3 years? As they will have to pay for healthcare surcharge.
      Please advise

  • Immigration Adviser


    Thanks for your post.

    1. You must extend their visas online as Tier 2 PBS Dependant

    2. You must apply online

    3. The visas will be extended for 3 years. The system will require you to pay fees relevant to that amount of time as well

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