PBS Dependant partner visa extension after main applicant moves to ILR

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    I have got my ILR last week and previously I was in TIER 2 general. I have my dependents (wife and kid) who are still in a dependent visa which I have processed 2 years back and its valid till DEC 14th 2018. I need to extend their dependent visa and I need some advice on the filling out the below questions in the application form.

    Which visa or permission to stay has Mr (Main Applicant) applied for or been granted?
    Should I fill this as TIER 2 general?

    Is Mr (Main Applicant) work in a shortage occupation?
    How to identify this? Is it based on my SOC code of TIER2 general COS which I had before?

    What is the length of Mr (Main Applicant)'s Certificate of Sponsorship (Cos)?
    As I got my ILR now, I believe COS which I had before is invalid now. For this question, should I need to enter the validity period of COS which I had before? Work end date in the COS is mentioned as 30th November 2018. Will that be an issue?

    Has Mr (Main Applicant)'s sponsor agreed to certify your maintenance?
    Is it applicable for my dependents? Should I need to get any supporting doc from my
    current employer?

    Apart from passport, BRP and photos, document section does not mention about any other supporting doc required. I am not finding clearly in the guidance document. Any other document required like my payroll, bank statement, letter from my employer etc?

    Kindly advice.


  • Immigration Adviser


    Thanks for your post. Please contact our office directly if you still require assistance with the application and documents.

    Regarding maintenance for your dependants applications, now that you've obtained your ILR, you will need to provide documents to show that the required amount of funds have been held for the consecutive 90 day period in order to meet the requirement.

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