Will my wife get dependent visa after 5 years of administrative refusal from UK?

  • I have a query related to dependent visa. Whether my wife will get dependent visa or not?

    She was removed from UK in Jul'2014 and the reason was that the B2 exam given for the visa extension was found to be deceptive as per Home Office

    She had given the B2 exam as per the process and didn't follow the wrong path. Still she was detained with that reason. Most of the students detained during that period (i.e. Jul'2014) was with the same reason.

    During detention, we had been asked to appeal against the decision if we think that the decision is not correct but we didn't as the legal charges were involved and we weren't sure how long the process would take.

    Instead of that , we took the decision of voluntary departure from UK as all voluntary departures are normally subject to a one year entry ban.

    One more thing that could be useful is that it was 'ADMINISTRATIVE REMOVAL' and not 'DEPORTATION ORDER'.
    Also, she was on student visa at that point in time.

    It's almost been 4.6 years now. Will she get dependent visa now considering the above situation?

  • Immigration Adviser


    With the Home Office having mostly likely deemed the 2014 issue as your wife having used deception, that may have triggered an automatic 10 year ban from the UK.

    An application at this time will have a very high risk of refusal especially because she would again be applying under the Points Based System visa route.

    The application will either be automatically refused or she could be made subject to an interview with the Home Office before they decide whether or not to grant the application.

    Either way, if you decide to lodge the application, you must use that opportunity to address the issues from 2014, ideally with supporting evidence. The caseworker can apply disrection but it's not guaranteed.

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