Advice on financial requirment for self employed

  • Wife Moroccan with 5 year Spanish residency (work) but is unemployed

    I am British born

    We have 9 month old baby who was born in Spain with a British passport

    I have been to and forth for too long and wish us all to settle in UK now and I cant sustain the travel costs anymore

    Prior to May 2017 I was on ESA then between May 2017 and December 2017 I had no income

    Since Nov / December 2017 I have been self employed and grossed about 30 k

    I haven’t yet paid tax (bit have it saved) but have registered and it’s being dealt with

    When is the earliest I can apply for spouse visa?

    Is there another way under human rights ?

    Any advise of what I need to get the ball rolloning on this ?

    May thanks in advance

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @sami2018

    Due to the fact that you have been exercising your EEA treaty rights in Spain and have moved your life to Spain to live with your wife and child, your wife may be eligible to apply for a residence permit under the EEA regulations via the Surinder Singh route.

    You can find information on this route here:

    Due to the complexity of cases via this route it would be great if you could contact us directly at

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