Is this genuine? (Windrush Damage control)

  • Hello everyone,
    this message (below) keeps going around on whatsapp, can anyone confirm this is real?

    "Please pass on to someone in UK knows someone who knows a person with no papers UK Visa Indefinite Leave to Remain.

    The UK Home Office is issuing Visas in silence as a brief amnesty to those who have been living in UK with no papers for past 10 years.
    They need to GET (P) form Version 07/2018 that needs to completed
    IGNORE what it is says on the form that Application for Asylum or Humanitarian Protection and for a biometric immigration document.
    Ignore all that.
    Include a copy of child's UK birth certificate, marriage certificate if you have + required photos including the child.
    Ignore BRP section 1.10. Ignore Home Office Section 3.6.
    FOCUS on Section 5.18, mention yourself the Parent accompanying a child under 18 for Biometric.

    Due to The Windrush crisis and Brexit, it is a silent action from the Home Office.
    For those with no Children, you still need to complete same form and ingore the child details but complete Section 3 if you have family already in UK.

    If you know anyone with NO PAPERS - the Home Office is giving people legality to stay quietly due to the Windrush scandal.
    The 10year Rule is back."

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @nah18,

    There is no such form as a GET(P) there is only a SET(P) form, however, this application is only relevant to those applying for settlement after spending 5 years in the UK as a Refugee or someone with Humanitarian Protection.

    There has been nothing released from the Home Office to confirm that the 10 year rule has been reinstated. If you have any further questions please contact us directly.


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