Urgent Tier 2 visa scholarships/funding no objections

  • Hi All,
    Today I applied for my Tier 2 visa (i'm switching from Tier 4). I was a fully funded student with both tuition fee and living expense covered by my UK University. In the Tier two application, there is a question whether I was funded by any government or international scholarship agency?
    "You may have been sponsored in your studies by Her Majesty’s Government, your home
    government or any international scholarship agency. For the purpose of this section of the
    guidance, ’sponsored’ means supported by an award which covers both fees and living
    costs. If you have had such sponsorship within the past 12 months, you must provide us
    with the Government or international scholarship agency’s unconditional consent in writing,
    giving you their permission to remain in, or re-enter, the UK." This is the guidance regarding the same in UKVI guidance.
    I was not sure about how to answer this. But I answered "Yes" in the end and uploaded no objection certificate from my University allowing me to remain in the UK. I applied for my Tier 4 visa using the university's sponsorship letter that's why I did not wanted to say "No"
    I'm now tensed if I have answered it wrongly. Because Universities are not international scholarship agency I think but they mentions sponsored being an award covering both fees and living expense.
    Will my answer create any issue in granting me visa... :cry:

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @roy2015

    The wording in the rules you have mentioned is usually in regards to funding from a scholarship agency in your home country. It doesn't mean any funding award you received from the University you attended in the UK.

    If you received a scholarship from your government then you would need to include their written permission for you to remain in the UK as a Tier 2 Migrant. This is due to the fact that some governments that sponsor their international students require the person to return to their home country to join their work force, or pay back their fees.

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