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  • Hi Everyone,
    My husband got a FPN for fly tipping for £400 because we reported the neighbours fly tipping at the back fence of our garden 6 months ago. The officer came by to check, said it was our responsibility even though it was our back garden and issued the fine. We felt it was very unjust, but as we know such issues could take even longer to resolve in court, we just cleaned it all ourselves and paid the fine same very day. So, now it is on my husband's record.
    Other than this unfortunate event, we have never had any issues, any fines etc.

    Could you please advise what we do - can we still submit the application for naturalisation or have chances of being rejected. Would you advise to better wait, and if so, for how long?

    Thank you all in advance.

    Best regards,

  • Immigration Adviser

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  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @orfeo,

    Provided that this is just a fixed penalty and is not actually showing on your husbands criminal record you can make the citizenship application without this being an issue, however, you would still need to declare this on the application form.

    If this appears on your husbands criminal record you would need to wait for 3 years, from the date this appears on his criminal record, to pass before this would not affect the citizenship application, again, you would need to declare this on the application at the time of applying.


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