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  • I need a general advice regarding visas of my kids. I hope you will guide me to the best of your abilities. My circumstances are in below:

    I get to the UK in 2009 on HSMP from Pakistan and was granted a British Passport in 2015. I have two kids(both under 16 and both born before my Indefinite Visa). I applied for spouse visa for my wife and two kids and they were granted Visas in Feb. 2017. My family came over to the UK in Feb 2017 but unfortunately my wife passed away in October 2017 here in the UK. As my kids were very young and it was not possible for me to look after them at that time, so I took them back to Pakistan where my Mother was looking after them. I used to go to Pakistan every 3 months to see them and used to send them money for support. My Kids visas are running out in November this year. As my mother got bed-ridden recently owing to her illness, so she can not look after my kids properly anymore and I have to bring my kids here to the UK again.
    I just need to know what visa can I apply for my kids. They are totally dependent upon me. Should I apply for their Visa extension or Indefinite leave to remain or is there any way I can register them as British Citizens? I would feel indebted to your expert advice in this matter.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hello @Mkhan

    Were your children born in the UK or outside the UK?

  • Hi Jason,
    My children were born outside of UK and I did not have ILR at that time.

  • @Jason Hi Jason,
    My children were born outside of UK and I did not have ILR at that time.

  • Immigration Adviser


    Your children can apply for Indefinite leave to enter on the basis of you being present and settled in the UK.

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