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  • Hi
    Hopefully posting this in the correct place.

    I’m currently going through my wife’s Flr m online application. (Pulling my hair out)
    On the finance section it is only allowing me to state I am employed, then further requesting payslips etc but I am self employed. Called visa hotline = useless.
    Is there a button I can click to say I’m self employed ?

    Another part which has confused me is requesting documents,birth certificates etc from ex partners I have children with. Can I provide a covering letter explaining she will not cooperate?
    Thank you

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Carl654

    There should be a self-employment option in the financial section of the form for you to input those details.
    You can provide a cover letter explaining your situation and providing information regarding any children or ex partners.

  • @Holly Hi
    Thanks for your response .
    It is my wife’s application, She is employed.
    It begins asking to add her employment income on the finance section and then asks if we would like to add another income my myself or my wife.
    Confirm on the name (me) and it only allows to click employed income and goes on to ask things like name of employer, Will I provide payslips, letter from employer. I cannot see anywhere it allows me to select self employed. This is on the new online application.
    Am I missing something?
    Appreciate your help

  • Immigration Adviser


    Does your wife meet the financial requirement using just her salary?

    If she does earn at least £18,600 then I would advise you not to put your income in and just use your wife's.

  • @Jason
    My wife’s income is just over 20k per year.
    I was only thinking it would make our situation look more secure by adding my income.
    But it would make it easier for us to not include my income.
    We will include certain correspondence like tax calculation/overview that will include my income just in case?

  • Immigration Adviser


    It isn't really about looking more secure. If your wife meets the requirement alone then she meets the requirement, adding your salary wouldn't change the outcome of the application.

    It will be much easier for you just to use your wife's.

  • @Jason Hi Jason, I wonder if you can provide me a guide in self uploading the supporting documents in applying Visitor Visa. It's a totally different system now, and there's no guide yet. I'm afraid I might upload docs in wrong categories.

  • @imjenjenjen
    Didn’t know you could self upload.
    Haven’t got to that but yet.
    To my knowledge will be presenting documents for scanning at a premium appointment

  • Immigration Adviser


    Don't get too hung up on the categories, they will all be seen by the caseworker.

    Just try to use common sense and do things like -

    upload payslips and P60's into employment.

    Bank statements in financial


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