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    I'm trying to help a friend to obtain a transit visa for her husband. Her husband is currently in Jamaica, having been deported there from the US (he is a Jamaican citizen). His wife is in Bermuda and he is attempting to get to Bermuda, however he can't travel through the US and there a very limited number of flight destinations to Bermuda. His options would be via Canada or the UK. If he was to fly via UK, am I correct in thinking that he would require a Direct Airside Transit visa? His connecting to flight to Bermuda would be within 24 hours.

    Any help appreciated.


  • Immigration Adviser


    That's correct. He will need a Direct Airside Transit visa if he's changing flights in the UK and will not be going through UK border control.

    More information is in the link below:

  • Thank you for this. Could you possibly inform as to the purpose of the financial information required in order to complete this form? This was a stumbling block as neither he nor his wife were deemed to have sufficient funds in their account for him to make the trip. As I understand it, he wouldn't be entering UK territory and would be simply getting on a connecting flight within a couple of hours. I therefore don't understand what financial burden he could conceivably be to the UK?



  • I should also mention that he has Bermudian status through his wife.

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