UK visa appeal

  • I am in the UK as a tier 2 occupation shortage migrant. I applied for my family to join me but I did the wrong application. I applied for a settlement visa in stead of the tier 2 partner n child. They were refused the visa with a letter to appeal. Can I appeal n state it's the wrong application n ask for them to be considered as tier 2 partner and child. Or do I have to apply all over again.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @VZZ,

    Appeals can be a very lengthy process and therefore it is generally only advisable to pursue this course of action if there are strong grounds for doing so. For this reason, it is often quicker to submit a fresh application. Should you require advice regarding the merits of an appeal in your particular circumstances, you can contact a solicitor or OISC level 3 adviser:

  • It is better to apply all over again for your family to join. The appealing process may take further queries and take a long time to approve. So don not waste your time in appealing process. Apply for family visa again.

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