Visitor visa or settlement visa?

  • Hi Can anyone advise me on what visa to apply for? I am a British Citizen, married to a Moroccan lady. We have been separated since October as I have returned back to UK but have only just recently secured a full time contract which satisfies the income level required for settlement visa for my wife. However I would like her to come over on a visitors visa until I have 6 months salary behind me to be able to apply for settlement visa for her. She is not working and is still in Morocco where I am supporting her financially. Should I apply for a visitors visa or wait another 6 months and then apply for a settlement visa?

    Thanks Paul

  • Just had phone call from Immigration advisor advising me to go for settlement visa as success rate is higher! Apparently the refusal rate for family visitor visa is higher. Logic being that if my wife comes on visitors visa she will overstay! Why would anyone who seriously wants to be with their husband permanently overstay their visa and shoot themselves in the foot only to jeopardise a future settlement visa!! Second argument against visitor visa was that if she was refused on grounds of suspicion of overstay this would again jeopardise any future settlement visa application!! Well the whole purpose of settlement visa is to stay!!! so the reasons for refusing the visitors visa on these grounds are completely irrelevant in the case of a settlement visa!!!! Are ECO's able to apply logical thinking in their decision process???

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @paulromer,

    Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. The immigration adviser is correct. An ECO is likely to refuse a visitor application based on the fact they do not believe that your wife will leave the UK at the end of her visit. Unfortunately this is the most common refusal for visitor applications.

    If you still require assistance with further advice on this situation please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,

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