Born and Raised in Britain but no British passport.

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    My name is Daniel and i have an issue with my national status.

    I was born and raised in London and i am now 28 years old. I have never had a british passport due to my mother and father not being british.

    My mum passed away 9 nine years ago and i now have a daughter. I have discovered that she can not apply for a british passport as i am not technically british.

    I have all the documents to prove that i am a british citizen e.g. birth certificate,school records.

    I have been advised by several immigration officers that i have to go through naturalisation or first apply for IDLR status.

    All this advice has got me confused weather or not i should apply for naturalisation or if there is a better option.

    I can 100% say that i am British and would like some advice so me and my daughter can receive a british passport.

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