Naturalisation help please

  • Hello,
    I want to apply for naturalisation but not sure if to go ahead or not. I came to the UK with a Spouse visa in 2010, got my ILR in December 2012 and applied for naturalisation in January 2013 based on my marriage to British wife. It was refused and the home office advised I apply in December 2013 when I am 3 years in the country.

    In November 2013, I had CCJ from one of my credit card which I set up arrangements to be paying back monthly.

    In October 2014, got a fine (the fine was from the previous year when I was looking for work, going through material problems that led to the end of my marriage and moved house) from court for train ticket I completely forgot to pay. I paid immediately I got the letter.

    With all of the above, can you please advice me if I can apply for naturalisation or will I be refused on good character?

    Hope to get a reply soon.


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