my wife's appeal has been turned down, what options do i have?

  • last year my wife's application to join me in the UK was turned down because the immigration officer didn't believe we had an ongoing relationship, on appeal it was accepted that our relationship is genuine but the visa was still refused on the grounds that some paperwork wasn't re-submitted, went to my MP but he was no use, the CAB in my area have no immigration advisers, what practical steps can I take from here? (don't have lots of money to pay a lawyer)

  • Hi,

    you should seek sound advice from representatives that will be able to help you with a new application as since your last application was refused it is likely that the second application will also be refused and so you would need good a solicitors to advise and guide you appropriately.

    should you wish you can contact our office on 0208 866 6464

    Kindest Regards

    Immigration at the TSP

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