Settlement visa was refused

  • Recently i apply for settlement visa. I got my answer duet by financial reason I got it reject it. So my husband and I decide we gonna apply again since he is not now a self employed anymore and got a contract. But we decide apply again in some months for he got some months in new job with the 28,000 pounds income what was the reason we got the visa Denied. The question is I never broke the rules of migration or work or study on my tourist visa status when I being on uk. No we being thinking I should visit again for 3 months and leave and apply again from my contry. If I travel the migration office can denie i enter to England? Since I just gonna visit husbands and don't attend stay? If I have all papers that prove I gonna leave like ticket for going back and stuff you think is better don't intent to enter to England till I get the new visa sorted and lucky get my application accepted? Thank you very much for our time

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