Speeding Fines

  • Hi

    I have received 2 speeding fines from Spain when I rented a car there on business travel in jan 2016. These do not carry any points, but only a fine which I have paid.

    My question is:

    1). Do i need to disclose them on Naturalisation Application? If so, where, as there is no space specifically on the form for this type of disclosure.

    2). It says in guidance that they will be ignored unless they are unpaid or there are numerous. My question is that what is the definition of Numerous? 2 is numerous or how many?

    3). The fact that I have had a clean licence, and have only received these 2 fines recently - which occurred in 2 days difference in Spain - will this have an impact and result in a refusal?

    Appreciate kind guidance.

    Many thanks

  • Hi,

    I'm in the process of completing Form AN Application Form and have a similar question regarding Good Character Requirement.

    I have received a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty in June 2015 for for speeding on the motorway. I've paid the Fixed Penalty shortly after this. As it does not appear in my criminal record, I was wondering if I am required to provide this information in section 3 of the form and tick 'Yes' in Question 3.1.

    It would be really appreciate if you could help me with this question. Many thanks in advance.


  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @segarik,

    We would always advise that fixed penalty notices are declared on the application form.

    Therefore you would tick the box that says yes, and input details of the fixed penalty notice. Please note, however, that fixed penalty notices will not be considered by the caseworker unless:

    • the person has failed to pay and there were criminal proceedings as a result; or
    • the person has received numerous fixed penalty notices.

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