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  • Re: When Family Member of EEA National can apply for Permanent Residence Card

    I hope must be healthy and happy
    I have one question please....

    My wife is EEA national,
    she came in uk june 2012
    we got married in sept 2012
    I got visa for 5 years in
    November 2013,
    which will expire on November 2018.
    as per EEA ragulation she can apply for PR after 5 year,(mean from June 2012 to June 2017 will be completed 5 years)
    So my question is
    as a partner will I also be eligible to apply for PR with her in June 2017 because we have been living together since june 2012
    or I have to wait till November 2018

    please guide me

  • No, you can not apply for Permanent Residence as you are not eligible for that. As per rule , you will have to complete your five years in UK . After the successful completion of five years in UK, you can apply for PR. So you still have to wait till November 2018.

  • Thanks
    but I came in uk in Jan 2011
    As student
    Then I got married in Sep 2012
    Till Sep 2017 it will be more than 6 year

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