URGENT Simple police caution and ILR

  • Hi All,

    I am a refugee in the UK and will be applying for ILR in this October. I never had any convictions or anything else in my life in the UK . And now I have a simple police caution. My question is will this single caution affect my application for ILR?

    I need Urgent help please please. Can anyone help.

  • Dear Mohammed,

    If you are applying on October 2016 and that you have recently received the simple caution within the 24 months of preceding your application then your application will be automatically refused.

    In other words, 24 months must lapse before applying for ILR.

    You have not told us when you got the simple caution? and for what?

    Although simple caution is not a conviction, you still need to disclose it on the application form.


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