Urgent help for 2.5yr spouse visa

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    I needed some help and advice with regards to my spouse visa.
    I was granted spouse visa for 2.5 yrs which is coming to an end in may. My wife is a British national and is currently on her maternity leave. Her salary would suffice the 18600 threshold however being on MAT leave her most recent 6month payslips would not show this. I am earning less than 18600 atm and am looking for a well paid job.

    My question is since i have a daughter who is also a British National would she be regarded as my dependent? Would my salary have to be 22400? And can this salary be shown as joint between myself and my wife if she was working? (Hence a letter from her employer to verify this?)

    How do i know what form to fill in? Which tier catagory i fall into? Is their a link i can find this out from?

    Looking forward to some urgent advice please

    Thank you

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