Spouse visa help

  • Hi, i would like your advice on my visa application.
    I am brazilian and living in the UK in the fiancee visa, that will expire in January 2017.
    My husband is a british citizen and we already got married in October 2016.
    Now we started the application for my Spouse visa, we are using the area of the gov.uk site:
    Apply to remain in the UK with family, and decided to apply online with the 811 pounds fee and 500 pounds health insurance fee.
    But here's what we are confused about:

    • on the online form they ask if we currently live together, and we do because i came here in june on a fiancee visa,so we are living together for 4 months, but when we click yes on the online form they tell us to click confirming that we will provide bills to prove that we live together for 2 years. Is it better to click no and explain that we are married and since i am on a fiancee visa there is no way to send this documentation since we haven't lived together for that long?
      -When we choose the online application it doesn't say that we need to fill the FLR(M) form as it does when you apply by post or in person. Do we need to fill it by hand and send with the rest of the documents or when you fill the online application is it already the FLR(M) form?

    document and the printed form does.

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