Flp fr application

  • I would like to know my chances concerning my visa application, i applied for the (FLR)FP in october 2016 and i recieved a letter stating " your application raises issues relating to the european convention on human rights which are complex in nature" , and so on is that an acknoledge letter? this letter came with biometric (dated:16 november)which i went straight to the post office to get it sorted, me and my partner meet all the requirment, lived for more than two years, she also earn 18600 and we have a son together he is british so is my partner and we have another child due early next year, the only problem with application is the fact that i overstayed the date on my resident permit which was a tier 4 visa and permit with few days after the original expiry date, i would like to know my chances and how long it will take for the home office to reach a decision as i have a baby on the way .
    Your Responses would be highly appreciated, my mind is so unsettled and i cant help but worry so much. Thanks

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