Spouse visa -financal guidance needed.

  • Hi guys, I am about to apply for Spouse Extentsion visa in March, and just wanted to clarify if I need to provide payslips of last 6 or 12months? and I have been working with the same employer for 2 years. my current salary is around 16k, but I have all the savings to make the shortfall if I provide payslips for last 12months.

    However if I provide payslips in last 6 months I dont have the required savings. because in some of the months I got paid below my average salary. can someone please advise under which category do I fall, and whether they need 6 or 12 months salary?

    thanks in advance

  • @besten @Rebecca can you please advise?

  • The income before tax must be at least £18,600 to qualify the financial requirement. Some categories can be combined with others to meet the financial requirement. You should complete all sections you need to rely on to meet the financial requirement, provided the options can be combined with each other.

    Its always best to contact us directly in this instance as it can be very easy for spouse leave to remain applications get refused on the basis of not present earnings correctly. For more information, contact YDVISAS UK visa experts.

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