Sole Representative Visa

  • Guys,

    we are a company located in Egypt and want to establish our first branch in the UK using the sole representative visa approach as a route to our business to the UK.

    The activities of the mother company in Egypt include generally trading of the following items as regulated by law and specially the office supplies:

    1. General Trading
    2. General Supplies
    3. Commercial Agency
    4. Importing and Exporting

    Our plan is to establish a branch, subsidiary or a wholly owned company; dependent on your advice; in the UK to trade in all activities mentioned in points 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, special consideration will be given to office/school supplies and stationery including supplying offices, companies and schools with their needs related to our business, in addition to retail stores that would trade in the office and school supplies, gifts, toys, electronics, computer consumables, mobile accessories, books, etc. We have a plan to import supplies from Egypt to UK specially textiles related to the school coats and other stationery as we are experienced in that field in Egypt, in addition to exporting from oversea companies in China as targeted in our business in both Egypt and UK.

    We understood the following:

    1. The sole representative that will be assigned form the company to establish the UK branch should hold no more than 10% of the company as a shareholder.
    2. The mother company should have around 70K to 80K GPB in their account to prove that they are able to establish the first branch in UK in the first year.

    Could someone please confirm that:

    1. I can apply to be a sole representative to establish the first company branch of the overseas company
    2. The company is trading in office and school supplies and stationery.
    3. The company branch in UK can trade in the same business as the mother company
    4. the company branch in the UK can open retail stores in UK
    5. The company branch in the UK can start without having clients already located in the UK

  • There are not many restrictions on sole representative applications. As long as the company have a parent company outside the UK and wish to establish a branch office for a UK presence of their business. For more information, contact YDVISAS UK visa experts.

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