• Hi my nan lives back home in pakistan. When last time she came here in 2002 i guess she was in shop by herself as she liked something she wanted to show my aunty who was at a distant but she didnt know english at all. Staff in the shop think she is stealing it she had money in her hands and she keep sayi g take watever money u need from my hand how much it cost i just wanted to show my daughter i was calling her but they didnt understand and police got involved in it and she is got a criminal offence. She is too old and she dont even remember it. Now when she got sponsership from her sister to uk she applied via solicitor and offcourse of her age solicitor fill the form thinking she cn never have a criminal offence in her name and in result the visa got rejected and they thought tht she did it on purpose and didnt mentioned tht part she had been banned in this country for 10 years but it wasnt her mistake. Wat can b done in such case. How can she deal wth it?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hello @Farheen

    Due to the nature of the situation, please could you contact us at and we will be able to assist you further.


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