Tier2 to ILR

  • Dear Experts,

    I have 2 queries regarding the ILR application via Tier2 General.

    1. What is the evidence that need to be submitted for work related absences from UK. An employer letter is sufficient or anything more is required?

    2. Does 5 years P60's are mandatory for Tier2 route to ILR ? If yes and if we don't have for all 5 years, Is it ok to submit only the last year P60? or does it not require at all?

    @whiterosevisas - I have seen some great reviews for your firm online but I don't see many specific to Tier2 to ILR case. Do you mind sharing your client success rate particularly in this route?


  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @raju

    We are very experienced in handling ILR applications based on 5 years in working categories. If you would like our assistance with making an application please contact us at visr@whiterosevisas.co.uk

    Please also use this email address if you would like to discuss specific documents for this application.

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