Entry Clearance Family settlement Visa (Spouse +infant) for United Kingdom

  • I am settled person in United Kingdom and intend to apply Entry Clearance Settlement Visa for my Wife and less than two years old boy. I am confused in accommodation requirement set by home Office under immigration rules and would request legally qualified personal to please advise me on following:

    1. Do i need to arrange one bedroom flat or two bedroom flat tenancy agreement ?
    2. Is it absolutely fine to lodge only one or two bedrooms with a landlord occupying third bedroom in same house? Would that be a problem?
      I shall be grateful if someone please shed some light on it. Thank you.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Good morning @Jamshaid_bukhat

    You are required to show UKVI that you can adequately accommodate your wife and child. Based on your circumstances, this means that you must be able to show that your wife and child will have exclusive use of at least 1 bedroom in the property.

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