Switching from Tier 4 Student Visa to spousal visa

  • I am an Australian citizen currently on a Tier 4 Student Visa, expiring in November 2017. I am hoping to marry my partner (UK national) of 1 year, but am not sure how to go about applying for a visa.

    My partner is currently a student, and will start employment (earning over £25,000 p/a) in May 2017. As I understand, we are not able to apply for a spousal visa until he has been working in this role for 6 months.

    Is there any way we can marry and apply for my visa without my having to leave the UK? Am I able to stay on in the UK after my Student visa expires, as a tourist, and apply for a marriage visa?

    Any help would be so appreciated - it's a complicated situation so it's hard to find help on the subject!

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @sarastephanie

    Thank you for calling the office about this matter.

    If you require any further assistance at all please don't hesitate to contact us again.

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