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  • Hello ,

    I am a Croatian citizen who is currently working as an au pair
    I would like to apply for a purple registration certificate ( domestic worker in a private household ) but I am not sure If I can do that working like an au pair? My employe would like to help me writing a letter etc, but I do not know is that possible if I am a au pair and do not earn lot of money(because we are not classified as a domestic workers/nanny)

    If not, what are my other options for working and staying in the England and getting the documents I need so I can apply for national insurance number and bank account?
    I want to find full time job but I can't do that without nin/work permit
    Kind regards,


  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @Stefani,

    Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. You would not be able to apply for a Purple Registration Certificate for this role as you would need a certificate of sponsorship which your employer would not be eligible to apply for due to the nature of the position.

    If you have one of the following qualifications then you may be able to apply for a Blue Registration Certificate:

    • A degree
    • A teaching qualification
    • A Higher National Diploma

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,

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