Extension for spouse visa ???

  • Hi im a british citizen my husband needs to apply for an extention in before january 2018. When we originally applied he did not have to meet te financial requirement of 18600 as i am a full time carer. He is self employed for the past few months but wont have a full tax year by the time we apply. My question is are we still except from the financial requirement if not how do we give evidence of finances if he does not have a full tax year. We have combined savings of £10000. We have 1 child so we also recieve child benefit, child and working tax credits.

    Is he better of finding an employed job?

    What is the vusa called which we need to apply for and how long before the current visa expires can we apply for it?

    Would really appreciate an answer as i am really confused and worried about the situation... thank you

  • Immigration Adviser

    Good Afternoon,

    Provided you are still a full-time carer and in receipt of carers allowance you would be exempt from meeting the financial requirement of £18,600. You would, however, need to evidence that you have adequate maintenance in which to support yourselves.

    If you are not in receipt of carers allowance then you would need to meet the requirement of £18,600. As your Husband can not evidence a full year’s self-employment you would need to evidence this with either savings or salaried employment. Please note that to meet the requirement with cash savings alone you would need to hold £62,500 for the minimum of 6 months.

    You would need to make the application on form FLR (M) and you can apply at any time you wish, however, please note if you are looking to apply for settlement at a later date your husband would need to have completed 5 years residency in the UK and if you make the extension application to early he may fall short of this.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    Kind Regards,

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