Fiancée , spouse visa advice needed

  • Hello
    I am wanting to marry my fiancée from the Ukraine and was wondering what's the best way to go about this, do I marry here in the U.K. Or there in the Ukraine .
    I want to do it so we are not apart once we are married.
    And also do I need to pay the £1494 that I see is for visa application on the gov. Website.


  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @hircos

    You have 2 options in this situation. Your first option is that you could get married in Ukraine and your partner then makes an application for entry clearance as the spouse of a British citizen.

    The other option available is that your partner makes a fiancé application, which would mean that your partner is entering the UK with the intention of getting married within 6 months. Once you marry within that 6 month period your partner would then be able to make an application for further leave to remain as the spouse of a British citizen from within the UK. Financially this would be the more expensive option as you will be making 2 applications within 6 months rather than just 1.

    To be eligible for either of these applications the financial requirement would need to be met. This means that you must have a salary of at least £18,600 per year before tax.

    The Home Office fee for the application is £1464 rather than the £1494 you have mentioned.

  • Hi Jason
    Thanks for your reply.
    Can I ask you to comment on these.

    1.   Where is best to get married here or there, we do not want to be apart once married
    2.   If fiancée visa do I need to have proof of a booked wedding to help
    3.   What fees do our government need, I know of the £1464 application fee is there any other hidden fees.
    4.   Is it best to get an agency to do all the paperwork as they will check all documents and make sure everything is correct. Do we stand more chance 
    5.   Any other essential advice that they might know to help make it work.
    6.   Is there a medical fee etc.?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Good morning @hircos

    If you choose to make an application as a fiance and get married in the UK, you will pay a UKVI application fee of £1464. Once in the UK and you get married within 6 months, you must then make an application for further leave to remain as a spouse. If this is done at a Premium Service Centre it will cost £1583, however, if an application is made via the postal service the UKVI fee will be £993. There will also be an Immigration Health Surcharge on top of that of £200 per year.

    You are correct in that you must be able to provide evidence that you intend to get married, when applying for a fiance visa.

    We would be delighted to assist you with the application and if you would like further information on our service please contact me at

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