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    My fiancé is a proclaimed offender in some uk tax fraud case. I wanted to ask would i be held responsible for his actions,as we are getting married in a few months. He is a british citizen but currently as a proclaimed offender he is out of britain. i m from india. Can my husband apply for my uk spouse visa from outside uk or a criminal can not apply for his wife's spouse visa? does the wife has a right to spouse visa or is the visa at discretion of embassy?

    and also if in the meantime i apply for uk tourist visa (B1/B2) would my application be rejected because my spouse is a criminal? Or would my application be considered individually and solely on my character?? I mean would my husband's criminal background in the same country i m applying to would affect my tourist visa application?

    Thanks in advance

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear Rainasingh,

    The first thing to point out is that it is you as an individual who will make the application to come to the UK, either as the wife of a British Citizen or as a visitor. If you had a criminal conviction then this would potentially be grounds for refusal of a visa, dependant on the nature of the offence. The Home Office will also look at character and associations so your connection with your husband could potentially be taken into account.

    Another factor to consider if applying for a spouse visa will be whether you will be able to demonstrate that you intend to live in the UK permanently as a couple. If you chose to apply for a visitor visa you will need to consider how to present the purpose of your trip and how this is consistent with leaving the UK at the end of your visit. Either application will need to be handled carefully and I would advise that you obtain professional support, either from ourselves or another specialist company who are registered with the OISC.

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