Difference between online form and FLR(M)

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    My wife is going to apply for an extension of her spouse visa, after her first 2.5 year leave to remain. I have found the questions in the online form and the paper FLR(M) form very different and I don't know which is best to use. At the moment I am inclined to use the online one.

    Some more questions:
    1 - The online form asks for all absences from the UK. Do I have to list all holidays? At most they add up to about 2 months over the 2.5 year period. Is this ok?

    2 - Is this the first time you have applied for a partner route, or an extension, with your current partner (including as a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner)? - My wife is applying for an extension to for second half of 5 year route, so is this yes or no?

    3 - Factors which would make it difficult to integrate/establish life outside UK - my wife will give birth to our first baby in September 2017, should this be mentioned here?


  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear Georgelwman,

    You have the choice of either form at the moment, gradually the Home Office are removing the paper based forms so all applications will need to be made online in the long term. We find the online forms generally easier to use.

    You need to list all absences from the UK including holidays. There is no limit on the number of absences your wife is permitted to have however, and the amount you mention is certainly acceptable.

    If the question on the online form is worded in that way, it makes no sense! I would answer yes. And I would advise declaring the pregnancy on the form certainly.

    I wish you well with the application, if you have any further queries, feel free to repost.

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