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  • I'm marrying a US citizen in the US in August of this year and we wish to return to the UK. I'm a UK citizen, live here full time and meet all the required financial terms I've seen. I've read the Government website and have kinda gone around in circles. Do we need a visa to return together or can we simply get married in the US and apply for her residency once we're back?

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    Dear AL40,

    Many thanks for your enquiry to White Rose Visas.

    US citizens are generally not required to hold a visa to enter the UK. However, as you are planning on marrying in the US and returning to the UK as a married couple, there is a high chance that your fiancé may be questioned at the border without a visa and may be refused entry into the UK. The border control may think that your fiancé intends to overstay without a valid visa in order to be with you. Further to this, your fiance would be unable to apply for a visitor visa to enter the UK and then switch to a spouse visa whilst in the UK.

    For security and assurance, I would recommend you apply for a spouse visa (FLR(M)) in the USA and enter the UK with this. This will be granted for a period of 33 months.

    In order to be eligible for a spouse visa you must meet the financial requirement of £18,600 annual income and you must show that you have a genuine relationship and that you intend to live permanently in the UK. An immigration health surcharge is also payable to the Home Office of £200 per year.

    If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,

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