How to apply permanent residence for child of EEA.

  • Hi, my husband is Spanish and I am from Asia. We live in England more than 8 years. We both got permanent residence card two years ago.

    My child is 7 years old and was born in England. She was born before mom&dad got permanent card, this meant now she is not British yet.

    The question is how can I apply permanent residence card for my child. A lots of changing after Brexit in case I am not up to date.

    Thank you.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear KC,

    Thanks for your post.

    Because you have permanent residence cards, your child is entitled to apply for registration as a British Citizen straight away. Please see page 8 ‘Entitlement to Registration as a British citizen’ in the link below:

    Secondly, because you and your husband have held your UK permanent residency for more than 12 months, you are both eligible to apply for your British citizenship provided that you meet all the other requirements.

    Kind Regards,

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