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  • Hello i am from India and I was in Uk for 3 years as in student visa but i failed in a subject and uni asked me to leave a course but i was waiting for curtailment letter but i havent got it and i stayed after that in uk for 8 months and came back before my visa got finished but if i now marry to my gf who is romanian citizen but got PR in uk. will it be any problem for me to get spouse visa.or any problem for me to enter in Uk and i had overdraft limit in my bank. will it be any problem for me to get EEA family visa?
    Thank you

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the post.

    Despite what happened in the past as a student, I can confirm it won't cause any issues with an EEA Family Permit application. This is mainly because you would be applying under the EEA Immigration rules which are separate to the UK Immigration Rules meaning the Home Office would disregard your time in the UK as a student.

    The overdraft in your bank account will not affect your ability to apply either because there isn't a financial requirement for the EEA Family Permit application. The requirements you would need to satisfy are:

    • Showing your partner has PR

    • Provide evidence to show you are married and your relationship is genuine

    • Provide evidence to prove your dependency on your partner

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