evidence of cohabitation in SET(O) form page 75

  • Dear Sir;
    I am currently on tier 1 entrepreneur visa and after a month i am going to apply ILR together with my dependent spouse. The reason writing to you is I need some information regarding "evidence of cohabitation in SET(O) form page 75". please answer my question listed below
    As I am on tier 1 entrepreneur visa still i need to submit evidence of cohabitation?

    if i need to submit evidence of cohabitation, what kind of documents i can submit to prove cohabitation as Set(O) form and guidance is silent on this particular point?
    is there any restriction on sources like if we add just one letter from GP saying we are on this address from 3 years is enough or i need more sources to add, guidance and immigration rules are silent on this point aswell?

    how can i prepare and submit documents , do i need to submit every month evidence for my self and spouse which is obviously bit difficult because letters from utility companies comes after 3 month and some only ones in a year like Ikano bank statement ?

    is my 2 Ikano bank yearly statements (with 24 month transaction) is enough to prove evidence of residence from last two year?

    Is GP surgery letter saying "we are living together on xyz address from last 3 year" is acceptable as proof of cohabitation?

    can we submit prescriptions as evidence ?

    can we submit school letters addressing to parents as proof of cohabitation?

    Set (O) form says " Evidence provided should cover the whole period and be in the form of official letters or documents, addressed to yourself and your spouse. " page 75. let say we received gas bill after every 3 month in December does this cover Oct,Nov and December?

    if we dont have any letter for 4 months for myself and wife is there any issue as we got letters before and after?
    please guide me above points
    kind regard

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @tucky786

    You will be required to submit evidence of cohabitation to show that your relationship is genuine and subsisting as your wife is applying for ILR based on being your dependent.

    As the rest of your post is in regards to specific documents and what evidence you are required to submit, please contact us at info@whiterosevisas.co.uk so that we can advise you further.

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