Settlement after completing 6 years discretionary leave.

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    Please help where possible.

    I am writing about the above subject. The Home Office states that the qualifying period for settlement for those who were granted 2 x 3 discretionary leave to remain is 6 years, also that an application usually must be submitted no more than 1 month before qualifying period.

    If a 3 years discretionary leave was first granted on the 6th of October 2011 and valid untill 5 October 2014 and a further DL Application form was submitted to extend the leave to remain, and on 27 March 2015 was granted until 23 March 2018, based on the above scenario the 6 years qualifying period starts on the 5 September 2017. Can I still be able to apply 28 days my discretionary expires on the 23 March 2018.

    Please help me with this as I am a bit confused and don't which is the right qualifying period.

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  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @baba70

    Thank you for your message.

    You are able to apply for settlement up to 28 days before you meet the 6 year qualifying period.

    If you obtained your first discretionary leave visa on 6th October 2011, and applied for an extension before this expired, you will have been able to apply for settlement any time from 8th September 2017.

    If you would like assistance with your settlement application, please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address below.


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