Long Residence ILR Query

  • Since 2015 I am on Tier 2 General visa. My role involves management, business development as well as training etc. I go to train in other companies and present at conferences etc, as a part of my role.
    During one conference, I was invited by a University to lecture to their students re: my work. The topic was specific to what I am doing work as my main Tier 2 job. However, they subsequently sent me a form for payment which I didn't realise until later was a form for temporary appointment to the University so they could send the payment through PAYE. I only did that one session with them so the appointment has not been retained. I was paid through that and it is on my HMRC record.

    My question is whether this will be considered as breaking Tier 2 visa rules (even though it was related to my work and presenting is within my job profile? And would it impact my SET (LR) application. Is there anything I can do e.g. cover letter to explain it or get a letter from my employer/ University to explain it?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear Joomlajunkie,

    From the information you have provided this sounds as is if this may fall within the definition of permitted supplementary employment - please see page 55 of the relevant guidance: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/606182/Tier_2_Policy_Guidance_04_17.pdf

    Please do have a read through the guidance and if you have any further queries just let us know.

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