FLR (FP) or Family Visa

  • Hi all, I'm about to get married to my Uzbekistan fiancée in late Sept 17 since she secured her 6 mth marriage visitor visa which expires in Dec 17. She previously had a 6mth visitor visa in July 16. She is now 2 mths pregnant. She has a basic English CEFR A1 certificate but not the SELTS recognised qualification. We were intending to apply for a family visa once she returned to Uzbekistan, but due to the baby situation wondered whether the FLR (FP) route could be used post our marriage and whilst she remains in the UK. Any thoughts?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hello @Matthiggs1968

    I would advise against submitting an FLR(FP) application for the following reasons:

    1. Your fiance would be unable to switch into another category whilst in the UK on a marriage visit visa as this is granted for only 6 months.

    2. She would not meet the English language requirements with an unrecognized English language test certificate.

    3. Unfortunately, your wife would not qualify for any leave outside of the rules unless the baby had been born. There are no provisions for pregnant women outside of the rules as they would be able to return to their home country to give birth.

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