UK spouse VISA extension

  • Hi all

    Hoping I get can some help.
    My wifes VISA is due to expire in early November so sorting out the application and other paper work.
    The only thing needed is English test (A2) which is booked in for next week which I hope she passes. We did not realise that the rules changed meaning the English test is now an must.

    Can anyone advise what the main documents/parts are for this extension?
    I believe they are;

    1. Proof we are still married - proving this by joint bank accounts?
    2. My income meets the requiement - will prove this with payslips/ my bank statemts
    3. Housing - live with parents and will prove this by letter sent by my parents advising of this and also get survey done by estate agency that home is habitiable with number of people living
    4. English test - due to take next week

    please advise if I have covered myself with the above and if I should include anything else?

    Also on average how long does the process take? Not keen on spending an extra £600 on same day services

    Hope someone can help me.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Good morning @MRM88

    Due to the fact that documents are specific to each individual application it would be great if you could contact us at

    If you would like our assistance with your application we would love to hear from you.

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