The main difference between parent visa and spouse visa when there's a child involved

  • I read immigration and visa online that says it should go for spouse visa instead of parent visa with a British child. I came as visitor visa, But me and my husband are splitting and can't seem to live under the same roof going forward. Is it easier or best for me to still apply for spouse or parent visa?? No recourse to public funds applied to both right as long as parent is not British citizen? My British child wanted to stay and be educated here and it's best for him to live with me as my husband doesn't seem to look after the child properly. it's just hard if as parent or spouse I'm unable to claim any public funds for the child. If I leave the U.K. to get things done overseas before my visitor visa expires and come back in a month, will I have any issue with customs?

    Please anyone shares with similar experience here? Thank you!

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @cancan89,

    As this is a complex situation in order for us to offer further advice we would ask that you contact us directly and one of our advisers will be able to assist you.

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