Childeren born outside uk to permanent resident ??

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    I was on ILR , applied to naturalization first week of july and while my application was still under processing i went to pakistan to see my son born there in september 26 same year.

    My naturalization application approved end of october same year. I came back next year january and got my naturaluzation certificate applied for passport.

    My question is now i apply for my wife and son visas, so can my son get ILR or direct uk citizenship from pakistan and i apply for wife spouse visa and if not then what type of visa my son will get ??

    How much will be total cost of their application if i apply january next year??

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @jan-shabeer,

    As your son was born outside of the UK he would not be eligible for ILR or naturalisation until your wife is eligible for ILR, therefore, they would both need to make an Entry Clearance application as your spouse and child. They will both receive a visa as your dependants.

    The initial visa is granted for 33 months, they would then need to make an extension application which is granted for a further 30 months. Once your wife has completed 5 years as your spouse she can apply for ILR and your son can apply for naturalisation.

    The current Home Office fees for this type of application are £1,464 per person, please note these usually change in April each year if you do decide to delay the application further than January. If you need any assistance with this application please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    Kind Regards,

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