Registration as a British Citizen using MN1 form

  • Hi Jason,

    Hope you are keeping well. Thanks for all your help, in getting my Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

    Now, I have got a little confusion over my UK born son's registration as a British citizen.

    I have applied for his registration as a British citizen using MN1 form.

    With the form I enclosed

    My son's UK Birth Certificate (Original)
    My son's Biometric Card (Original)

    A copy of my passport
    A copy of my Settlement Biometric Card
    A copy of Marriage Certificate
    And, Fees Payment Slip

    One of my friends told me today that I should have sent my son's passport as well with the application.

    As far as I understood from the guidance notes, I had to send my son's passport only if he was born outside the UK.

    Because he was born in the UK, I just sent his birth certificate and biometric card only.

    Now, I am a bit confused and nervous

    Would it affect my child's application now, if sending original passport was one of the items on the document list?


    Is there any way I can send the passport now??

    I would really appreciate if you could clarify, please.

    Thanks very much in advance.
    Looking forward to your reply

    Dr Singh

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @gagzzz

    We would always advise that you send the original passport with the application.

    If you were to send the passport now, the Home Office would be under no obligation to accept it as it was sent after the application had been submitted.

    However, the Home Office caseworkers do have the ability to write out to you to request the passport if they require it and it would be highly likely in this circumstance that this is the action they would take.

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