PBS (Tier 2) Dependant extension with main applicant on ILR

  • Hello friends,

    My wife currently holds an ILR(Indefinite Leave to Remain). His last held visa is 'Tier 2 General' and he got ILR in Nov 2016.
    I am currently on 'Tier 2 Dependent' visa (BRP) (this was based on my wife's Tier 2 General which he held previously) and I did not change my visa after She got ILR. My current visa status is 'Tier 2 dependent' which will expire on 17th Dec 2017. I have started as Tier2 dependent on Nov 2014.

    I would like these to be answered, please.

    1. I believe I need to extend my visa as 'PBS Dependent' visa. Please confirm if this is true?
    2. When is the earliest I can start my application process?
    3. Which application form do I have to fill in?
    4. Documents required to support my application and fees?
    5. How many years of IHS do i need to pay?

    It would be really helpful if you could provide info to the above queries.

    Many thanks for all your help.


  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear @sanjumac

    I will answer your questions in turn:

    1. As long as your wife obtained ILR based on her 5 years as a Tier 2 General visa holder, you would be eligible to extend your PBS dependent visa.

    2. You can start your application process at anytime. The only thing to note is that you need to spend 5 years in this category before being eligible to apply for ILR.

    3. You can apply at the following address:


    1. If you would like to discuss specific documents to submit with your application please contact us directly at info@whiterosevisas.co.uk - The Home Office fee for your application would be the same as a Tier 2 General visa. The premium service would be £1267 and a postal application would be £677.

    2. You would need to pay 3 years IHS initially, a total of £600.

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