Israeli Citizen coming to the UK

  • I am a UK Citizen and have been in the UK now for 6 months, came from South Africa, I have found work and am renting a place to stay and am self sufficient.
    My girlfriend and I were living together for 4 years prior to me coming to the UK and she now wants to come over for a visit to see if we want to take the relationship to the next level.
    She is an Israeli Citizen so I am not sure what is required for her to come over with a possible view to staying and maybe getting married.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear Deon,

    Many thanks for your enquiry to White Rose Visas.

    If your girlfriend would like to come to the UK in order to visit and see about taking your relationship further, she would need a visitor visa.

    The following requirements for this type of visa are mandatory and must be clearly evidenced if the application is to succeed:

    · Intention to return to home country - proof of ongoing employment / self employment / studies
    · Sufficient funds for the duration of the trip - can be your girlfriend's or your funds
    · Evidence of accommodation in the UK - letter from sponsor offering accommodation or hotel booking

    Please note, you and your girlfriend would not be able to marry in the UK while she is on a visit visa nor stay longer than her visa period which is often 6 months for visitors.

    If you decide you would like to progress your relationship further, your girlfriend would need to return to Israel in order to apply for any further visas to marry or move to the UK more permanently.

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Holly

    Thanks for coming back to me.

    As an Israeli citizen I thought that she didn't need a visa for a visit.
    I have read that she would need all the documentation with her on arrival, the same as if she was applying for a visa, but no need for the actual visa?
    She then would be able to stay for no more then 6 months.

    Is this correct?

    Best regards

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